In this interview I questioned Dieter, someone who suffers not only from anxiety and depression but also dyslexia. I first started by asking him what he did from education, and asking what his course entailed.


From there I asked how having dyslexia did he receive the help he needed to complete his course. In which he replied with some news, that when you receive help it is one helper per 5 people. So when he really needed the help he would have to wait in line. After talking with him for sometimes and asking questions he had some advice to students who may suffer from depression and anxiety, which is the help is there some go and get it, because if you don’t you’ll regret it. He said that his biggest regret was not going for help sooner, which led him to not be able to complete his course. He also talks about gaming and how it helped with his dyslexia and learning to read from the games he was playing. He also stated to people that talking to someone can really do you a world of good and it would help you when dealing with his anxiety and wished he had done it sooner.


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