Hey, Paige here. This project was done for my online content project and as I thought it was a topic that’s not taken seriously enough and needs to be spoken about a lot more. During this show I spoke to two people from two different facilities that specialise in dealing with student that suffer from mental health issues. i did some research in coming up with questions and as i didn’t know much about the topic myself i firstly found out why it is so important to cover mental health and how they have to adapt to their learning needs.

I also found out what they’re opinion is on the matter and if they think that more could be done to help those with mental health issues and if they feel if there is any stigma towards it. throughout the show i found out a lot about how different people deal with mental health and how its important to recognise the signs and reach out to them.


To finish up the show i done some Vox Pops  asking some fellow students if they felt like their is enough support offered to them as students and if they knew where they could go if they wanted to talk about it and found out what their opinion was on it.