We challenged some of our presenters, pushed them to their limit with quick-thinking on the spot answers.

Everyone makes up little white lies every now and then to get out of certain situations we’ve all used the ‘I’m so sorry, I can’t make it I’m sick’ or ‘My mum really needs my help with cleaning the house we’ve got family coming over’ but we wanted to see how normal or how weird we can make these excuses. Perfect excuses for the situation given that are believable but also make no logical sense at times. The weirder the better. We are seeing just how obscure you can make an excuse, how far you can take it until it becomes clear to everyone it’s a lie.

But the rules are simple, only one to follow which is you can’t use ‘Sorry I’m sick’ because that’s too basic and has been used by everyone and their uncle.

Boom’s presenters aren’t afraid to push the boundaries or be brutally honest listen to find out if any cracks under the pressure of NO EXCUSES!