I recently had the pleasure of spending some time with Fife Flyers players Shayne Stockton and Liam Heels. I was able to have a candid chat to the pair who have first hand experience when it comes to balancing studies with sport.

I started off talking to Shayne Stockton. The fourth year pro talked openly about his time studying at the College of The Holy Cross where he obtained a degree in economics. During our conversation we switched up and talked about his time in France and how a distinct lack of France made it difficult, as well as discussing his time playing for the Fife Flyers over the last three seasons.

Once the interview with Shayne ended it was time to talk to Liam Heelis, who only finished university right before signing for the Fife Flyers. We discussed how difficult it was to balance being a college athlete with studying and how he took a year out of his hockey endeavours in order to obtain his masters degree in Business Studies and his future ambitions both professionally and academically.

While both players took different approaches the end goal was the same. Balancing college sports with studies in America is a very common thing, yet in the UK the hottest prospects in sport don’t tend to focus too hard on their studies and instead put all there eggs into one basket. Should we be doing more in order to help make sure our next superstars are just as quick as they are on the pitch in the classroom? Or is it just another part of British Culture and a sheer ignorance to other countries doing it better than we do?