Theres one week left of college and the seven weeks holidays begin! Time to lounge about binge on Netflix and Just enjoy the piece and quiet! Well thats if you don’t have any children.. Having children during the summer holidays can be a daunting thought, The great thing about having a seven week holiday is you have seven weeks to spent with your little darlings! thats great! I love my children with all my heart but seven weeks to try and keep the children entertained is a task and a half! Back story to this.. The kids had two days off a few weeks ago, nothing prepared to do and i was pulling my hair out by 7pm that night. The kids were running riot around the house, It got so bad they got a hold of tinfoil and decided to decorate the kitchen it was magical! (well for them it was ) so I have together the ultimate bucket list to keep everyone entertained and sane these holidays!