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Daniel does an Only Fools & Horses ‘Creepy Pasta’

Written by on 3 April 2019

A ‘creepypasta’ is an online horror story. Many pastas are based on pre-existing media, such as video games, movies and TV shows. They are commonly poorly written, have a lot of cliches and are created by literal children. One common sub-genre of creepypasta is the ‘Lost Episode’ variety, in which the writer gets a real […]

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Girls in Energy at Fife College

Written by on 22 March 2019

A short discussion about the “Girls in Energy” course at fife college. Stewart McDonald gives an insight into the inner workings of the course and the colleges involvement with Shell.

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Building Success in Business With Sukie Grewall

Written by on 21 March 2019

An interview conducted by Ryan Pow with Sukie Grewall regarding the upcoming Building Success in Business event with is being held at Rothes Halls on the 26th March between 1000 and 1600. We discussed why students should attend this event and also hinted towards competitions that will be held throughout the day. Details of the […]

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Taboo Talk – Episode 1 – Periods

Written by on 15 March 2019

In our very first Taboo Talks podcast, we discuss the thing people don’t want to speak about – Periods. We share the importance of talking about periods, our own experience and why society thinks is weird to speak about it.  

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