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Team Members

Ashir Ayaz

  Your Name: Ash Ayaz Your Social Handles (Twitter/Instagram etc.): Instagram: iamashayaz Snapchat: ashayaz Twitter: iamashayaz  Your Favourite Food: Mums Homemade Lasagne Your Favourite Film: Black Hawk Down What Is Your Show About? The noble art of boxing/hip-hop/Smooth R&B & Soul Tell Us A Bit About Yourself & Your Interests: Your average guy who loves […]

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Kristiana Kalna

Name: Kristiana Kalna   Social Handles: kristianakalna (instagram and spotify)   KristianaK (soundcloud)   Favorite food: Chips and cheese   Favorite Film: Moulin Rouge   What is My show about: I have not made yet the final decision, but I would say it is going to be about lifestyle. About the things going on around us, […]

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Ann Brown

Your Name: Ann Brown AKA The advocate Twitter: @TheAdvocate Instagram: @chukytheoutcome Your Favourite Food: Anything spicy   What Is Your Show About? : Exposure for Independent artists Tell Us A Bit About Yourself & Your Interests:  I am into Music, Art and travelling

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Roisin Zerhouni

My names Roisin I am on boom every Monday mornings from 9 till 10 with my cohost Jay. On the show, we will be having a gossip about the latest news and dilemmas. Check out my podcasts below:

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Corey Young

I’m a 19-year-old radio student who wants to pursue a career in the creative industries. Now, that’s all the formalities out of the way, Hi, I’m Corey aka “C_R_Y/CXRXY”. I’m a gamer, artist & content creator! As a content creator, I am always brainstorming and music motivates me to create. When I’m not listening to […]

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Sam Watt

Your Name: Sam Watt Your Social Handles: Snapchat: samthemigit Your Favourite Food: Cheese Toasties Your Favourite Film: Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith What Is Your Show About? Indie-Rock music and general banter. Tell Us A Bit About Yourself & Your Interests: I am a massive fan of indie-rock and the very definition […]

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Aaron Waite

A man of many faces, and many grand schemes that sometimes come to fruition… Sometimes. His show’s pretty weird, the format essentially changes depending on what kinda mood he’s in. One day we’ll have a news show, next day music, next day it’s basically a podcast, sometimes it’s even a sketch show but he’s gotta […]

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Liam Russell

I present on Boom Radio from 11-12 every Thursday, in my spare time, I’m either working at my local co-op, cooking some bangin’ food, or chillin’ and playing some Smite with friends. I love live music, and have seen various bands and artists over the years, ranging from AC/DC, to Limp Bizkit, to Mumford & […]

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Kyle Ritchie

Check Out My YouTube channel below

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