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Ashir Ayaz


Your Name: Ash Ayaz

Your Social Handles (Twitter/Instagram etc.):

Instagram: iamashayaz

Snapchat: ashayaz

Twitter: iamashayaz

 Your Favourite Food: Mums Homemade Lasagne
Your Favourite Film: Black Hawk Down

  1. What Is Your Show About?

The noble art of boxing/hip-hop/Smooth R&B & Soul

  1. Tell Us A Bit About Yourself & Your Interests:

Your average guy who loves Boxing, Music, and Console Gaming. Jewellery game is strong. Born to Pakistani parents, but raised in Grove Street. That’s right, I claim the hood from Grand Theft Auto! Two brothers – twin and an older. Friends – “You’re the most laid back and chilled person I have ever met!” Proud Muslim – nothing is possible without God. Don’t like boxing? Don’t really care to be honest. Finally, A$AP 4 LIFE.