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Emily Bisson

Hi, I’m Emily. I only recently came into existence about a few months ago and I’m slowly adjusting to suddenly being alive. I’m currently having a bit of a radio moment; by that I mean you can find me on Boom Radio – the best radio station that we are all forced to listen to in the hub.

Your Favourite Band: She isn’t a band, but I love Billie Eilish!

Your Favourite Gig/Club Night: I’ve only been to gigs that my sister didn’t want to go alone to, but Bears Den was pretty fun! (even if I got anxious and hid in the toilet)

What Is Your Show About?: life is an existential nightmare, so let’s listen to some lofi chill beats! Tell Us About Yourself: I made Minecraft videos when I was 13, and that was my peak

Twitter: @basicbisson (follow me if you want over indulgent rants about politics and selfies)