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Jordan Maxwell

Your Name: Jordan Maxwell

Your Favourite Band: Aztec Camera (I love a lot more but it says one band so)

Your Favourite Gig/Club Night: Glasgow O2 has really good alternative 80s nights

What Is Your Show About?: New Wave and Post Punk (1976-1992 music) mostly British music with a few exceptions like Talking Heads and Sparks. Differently themed days though so that things don’t get too stale. Mainly 1980-1989

Tell Us About Yourself:

I absolutely worship John Peel since his radio show launched the careers of most of my favourite artists. I eat, sleep and breathe music making sure that I listen to at least one new artist each week if not each day. I have Asperger’s and my special interest is 80s music so I know a ton of obscure bands and underrated songs but also know a lot of trivia so my show won’t just be music all the time. I already have a good amount of theme days planned and sorting set lists would be easy enough as I find making music lists weirdly relaxing.

I also have a condition called associative synaesthesia which means I can taste/smell/feel music and often see each song as a different colour, for example almost every Echo & The Bunnymen song triggers an association to the sea, winter, boats , trees ,darkness and different shades of blue. I’ve found that this comes in very handy for even just making playlists as I know exactly what songs to play for different moods/seasons etc.

My room is filled with music VHS Tapes, Vinyl LPs and 45s and music books along with notebooks full of lists and information about my favourite albums & bands. My entire life revolves around music and I think that radio is the perfect outlet for that.