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Kristiana Kalna

Name: Kristiana Kalna


Social Handles: kristianakalna (instagram and spotify)   KristianaK (soundcloud)


Favorite food: Chips and cheese


Favorite Film: Moulin Rouge


What is My show about: I have not made yet the final decision, but I would say it is going to be about lifestyle. About the things going on around us, charities, daily life – emotional and clumsy bits of it etc.


About me: I come from a very hipsterish country aka Latvia. At age 18 I decided to get out of there and travel, decided to gain sone new experiance outside whatever I had been used to. I started my journey in Amsterdam , where all together I lived for a year and now, here in Edinburgh this is going to be my third year. I come from a small but very loving family. I have two dogs one of them is a Pitbull (Gram) and the other is a miniature Dachshund (Peper). They both stay with my mum back in Latvia, however, here in Edinburgh I got two other little crazy monkeys with whom to fill the loving gap – my two little brothers. One of them is 5 and the other is 2 and being able to see them growing up is one of the biggest blessings God has given to me so far. I work as a bartender for 4 years now, I agree more with oldschool type of love, therefore will never let the women pay the bill if she and the price Charming are both standing by the counter and giving me their cards.

I like to cook, I love to sings, though I don’t have that Selena Gomeza voic, I don’t really like to go to the gym, but love the feeling it gives after you have finished the session, I love making cocktails. Swimming and watching movies would definitely get the top spots at my top 10 favorite things to do. I don’t drink cold water and I eat my cerials with heathed milk. And the very last but not least – I believe in God.