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Mitch Stevenson

Your Name: Mitch Stevenson

Twitter: @melodicrockshow

Instagram: mitchstevenson2112

Facebook: Mitch Stevenson & Universal Rock

Your Favourite Band: Rush

Your Favourite Gig/Club Night: Download Festival

What Is Your Show About?: “The Rock Years” is a show about highlighting a particular year in Rock Music, playing music from that year with additional information such as best gigs that year, favourite album releases that year, and perhaps some world events too.

Tell Us About Yourself: Retired nurse who has a very long-standing passion for Rock & Metal Music. Attended many gigs over the past 40 years at some of the most iconic venues, seeing some of the most iconic artists. I have been interested in radio for many years also, and have been part of a local Community Radio station (Radio Saltire) for the past 5 years, presenting both a Rock Show and a weekly Drive Time show on a Wednesday.