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Mitch Stevenson

Your Name: Mitch Stevenson

Your Social Handles (Twitter/Instagram etc): @cpnrushman

Your Favourite Food: Chocolate!

Your Favourite Film: Can’t just have one! Cheesy – Highlander, Emotional – The Green Mile, Action – Skyfall

What Is Your Show About? : Rock Mix Show – showcasing the best in all kinds of Rock Music both new and classic

Tell Us A Bit About Yourself & Your Interests: Probbaly one of the oldest students in the college! Retired Mental Health Nurse after 37 years service. Looking to venture in a new career direction. Married with 2 kids and 2 grandchildren (not many students can say that!), and enjoy spending time driving in my car, photography, as well as volunteering at a local radio station to broadcast my Rock Show to the world!