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Sophie Rasool


Twitter: @SophieRadio

Instagram: @sophie.rasool


Your Favourite Band: either DMA’s or Catfish and the bottlemen
Your Favourite Gig/Club Night: DMA’s at the barrowlands however it is tied with Khalid at the hydro

What Is Your Show About?: my show will be about just what is going on in the world, including new releases from indie/chill artists also upcoming events in Scotland and I also might talk a little bit about shoes and clothing releases

Tell Us About Yourself: I’m 18 I don’t really do much I have no job at the moment, wanted to be a stand-up comedian and thought that presenting on the radio is quite close and may be a good way to become a comedian while also learning a full new skill set. I am an animal lover and will do anything to meet some sweet ass pets. I thoroughly enjoy indie/chill music but I also do listen to rap and grime music often