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The Team

Ashir Ayaz

  Your Name: Ash Ayaz Your Social Handles (Twitter/Instagram etc.): Instagram: iamashayaz Snapchat: ashayaz Twitter: iamashayaz  Your Favourite Food: Mums Homemade Lasagne Your Favourite Film: Black Hawk Down What Is Your Show About? The noble art of boxing/hip-hop/Smooth R&B & Soul Tell Us A Bit About Yourself & Your Interests: Your average guy who loves […]

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Kristiana Kalna

Name: Kristiana Kalna   Social Handles: kristianakalna (instagram and spotify)   KristianaK (soundcloud)   Favorite food: Chips and cheese   Favorite Film: Moulin Rouge   What is My show about: I have not made yet the final decision, but I would say it is going to be about lifestyle. About the things going on around us, […]

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Ann Brown

Your Name: Ann Brown AKA The advocate Twitter: @TheAdvocate Instagram: @chukytheoutcome Your Favourite Food: Anything spicy   What Is Your Show About? : Exposure for Independent artists Tell Us A Bit About Yourself & Your Interests:  I am into Music, Art and travelling

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Roisin Zerhouni

My names Roisin I am on boom every Monday mornings from 9 till 10 with my cohost Jay. On the show, we will be having a gossip about the latest news and dilemmas. Check out my podcasts below:

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Corey Young

I’m a 19-year-old radio student who wants to pursue a career in the creative industries. Now, that’s all the formalities out of the way, Hi, I’m Corey aka “C_R_Y/CXRXY”. I’m a gamer, artist & content creator! As a content creator, I am always brainstorming and music motivates me to create. When I’m not listening to […]

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Sam Watt

Your Name: Sam Watt Your Social Handles: Snapchat: samthemigit Your Favourite Food: Cheese Toasties Your Favourite Film: Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith What Is Your Show About? Indie-Rock music and general banter. Tell Us A Bit About Yourself & Your Interests: I am a massive fan of indie-rock and the very definition […]

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